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ITO touch switch 

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Transparent Capacitive  Switches: PEDOT Capacitive ITO Touch Membrane Switch for strongbox touch foil switch;key switch  Transparent conductive film switch  Capacitive touch switch, ITO touch switch, film touch button switch.Touch key button Thin film touch switch Capacitive touch switch 
Products are widely used in consumer electronics, industrial electrical, household appliances, computer equipment, communication devices, toys, medical care, display and many other fields. 
Our own factory has price advantage and quality advantage. Transmittance is above 85%; support key touch or multi touch. 
PMMA/PC/ steel glass cover plate supporting 3mm thickness; Touch switchof electric capacity model  touch sensor

Transparent Capacitive  Switches: PEDOT

Transparent Capacitive  Switches: PEDOT

Transparent Capacitive  Switches: PEDOThttp://bmthe.comITO touch switch, film touch button switch.Touch key button Thin film touch switch Capacitive touch switch

Transparent Capacitive  Switches: PEDOT   


Transparent Capacitive Switches: PEDOT      Specification

Transparent Capacitive Switches have become common place in many products from hand-held consumer products to appliances and automotive applications.

 Multek offers a number of technological choices to match the many challenging requirements of each application:

    Selectively Printed PEDOT ink.

Micro Printed Silver (MPS).     Patterned Indium Tin Oxide (ITO) on films, 

Features:  Additive PEDOT

 Base Films & Adhesives: • Clear PET (75µm, 125µm thick). • Optically Clear OCA/PSA (3M 467, 3M 8172)

 Inks: • Selectively printing of PEDOT ink is transparent yet conductive.  Perfect for creating transparent switch nodes. • Printed PTF silver defines the traces connecting the switch nodes through the connector tail. • Carbon PTF ink can be printed in the connection area for durability and reliability. • The body of the switch circuit can be covered with either PET Coverfilm or a clear printed mask for protection.

 Printed Circuitry: • Processes: Roll-to-Roll Printing • Minimum PEDOT Feature:  500µm • Max pattern size:  500mm x 450mm  • Minimum silver trace pitch:  500µm • Resistance Uniformity:  <±15% • Custom Testing and Excising  

 Quality: Multek is an industry leader in the coating of flexible films and high volume production of Flexible Circuits for over 50 years.  Multek products are manufactured using quality systems that conform to ISO9001 and TS-16949 quality standards.  Key product characteristic are tested and monitored in accordance to applicable industry and strict internal standards.  Certifications are available with product shipments.

Performance Comparison :

Each capacitive touch switch application is unique.  The optical, mechanical and electrical requirements can vary widely depending on the desired function, style and environment.   The following table shows a quick comparison between the three technologies offered by Multek for a variety of applications. 

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